New BitMain Antminer A3 Blake(2b) – In stock

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We are pleased to announce that we bought 25 devices of the A3 first batch. The device is still in Shenzhen and will soon be ship to our office.

This came as a bit of unexpected surprise, but it seems that BitMain already has a working ASIC miner for the Blake (2b) mining algorithm (and maybe even for other variants of Blake) and they have announced their plans to start shipping the Antminer A3. The Blake 2b crypto algorithm is currently being used by SiaCoin (SC) and last year there was a pre-order for an official SiaCoin ASIC miner the Obelisk SC1. BitMain’s ASIC miner however seems to be arriving much earlier with similar specifications and price, so anyone that has pre-ordered an Obelisk SC1 might not be that happy. On the other hand people that are interested in getting into mining SiaCoin and missed their chance with the pre-order might order now from BitMain and get the device shipped in 10 days after payment according to the company.

BitMain Antminer A3 Specifications:
– Product model: A3
– Hash ASIC type: BM1720
– Hashing algorithm: Blake(2b)
– Total quantity of hash chips: 180 chips
– Total quantity of hash boards: 3 boards per miner
– Total hash rate: 815 GHS ±5%
– DC voltage input: 11.60~13.00 V
– DC current input @12V DC: 98.8 A +7%
– DC Power @12V DC input: 1186 W +7%
– 220VAC Power @25℃, 93% conversion efficiency of APW3: 1275 W + 7%
– 220VAC Power efficiency @25℃,93% conversion efficiency of APW3: 1.56 mJ/MH + 7%
– Weight (without package): 4.2 kg
– Operation temperature: 0-40 ℃
– Storage temperature: -40-85 ℃
– Operation humidity: 5%RH – 95%RH, prevent condensation
– Noise: 76 dB
– Networking connection mode: Ethernet Cable
– Power connection mode: All three PCI-E ports are required to power the board. You can use one PSU to power multiple boards, but do not attempt to power one board with two PSUs. We suggest to prevent the control board to be powered up before hash boards be powered up.
– Size (Length*Width*Height, without package): 321mm*125mm*208mm

Two Reasons All Bitcoin Users Should Install a VPN Right Now

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Keeping safe online is now a constant topic of discussion. It has become paramount to any consideration of what the internet is going to be like in the future and how to create an environment that fits Tim Berners Lee’s vision of the internet as an open and fun place for people to interact.

There have been so many recent and high profile breaches of cyber security that we have to start considering it could happen to even the most clued up technology loving people and prepare and adapt the way we use the internet in order to protect all of our data.

This mean actually doing things rather than just saying, ‘oh that only happens to elderly people who have no idea what they are doing online.’ You can invest all you want in the latest and greatest bitcoin mining hardware but if you lose your data by making a silly mistake then all the bitcoin the world isn’t going to help you.

One of the best ways to ensure that your data and information is kept as safe as possible is to use a VPN whenever you go online and you can install one across your devices. It can be hard to find the best VPN as there are so many options out there.There are a number of detailed, and more importantly objective, guides out there like this NordVPN review which can help you identify the right VPN for your computing and security needs.

VPN stands for virtual private network and in essence it can create a network, within a network, that acts as bubble to keep your browsing session separate from others. If I haven’t already convinced you about the wonders of a VPN then here are two reasons you, as a bitcoin user, should install one right now!

They Keep You Safe On Public Wifi

Sometimes you have to use wifi when you are away from your home network and your office but still need to get connected. This means going to a coffee shop or a restaurant where they offer wifi for the public. These networks, while ultra-convenient, are very unsafe and usually targets for online thieves looking to get some of your private info.

With so much important bitcoin related data it’s vital to keep it safe and out of the hands of people who want to steal it.This is where a VPN comes in, it creates your own little space within a public network that is totally private. It takes you out of the public milieu and gives you a VIP spot where your browsing experience and your data is well guarded.


VPN’s Allow You To Travel The World Without Moving

If you are bitcoin mining and you want to ensure that your IP isn’t too fixed and easy to read in one single place then a VPN is the best way to ensure you IP travels and you are not caught in one spot. You can change the country your session is being conducted in and this allows you to connect to sites that might otherwise be location locked. This is also a bonus for anyone looking to check out other geolocked programs like Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Important Announcement

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We hereby announce that ONLY the following sites belong to us and are legitimate:


In the business of crypto currency mining, we have been striving to provide the best mining products and best service for our customers. With our long-time sincere efforts, we have been maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. However, while we are trying to develop ourselves to be the top in this industry, we have been made aware of that some malicious persons or groups have been using our name for fraudulent activities.

The following are the fraud websites that we’ve confirmed that they are conducting fraudulent activities and should be avoided under all circumstances:

We never authorized any other sites or person as our distributor. Please DO NOT trust anyone claiming working with Crypto Hardware Store. 


Also it has been brought to our awareness that some imposers are using our name to scam people in cyptocurrency communities such as bitcointalk. Please do not trust those people. We do not conduct sales activities anywhere out of our official site


Please make sure:


Finally, our special thanks go to the people who made us aware of the existence of the fraudulent websites, thank you for help us maintain and protect the reputation of our store, and thank you for your efforts of stopping more people get scammed!


If you discover any fraudulent websites, report to us and we’ll be most grateful!!

Cryptocurrency Hardware: Providing An Wholesome Crypto-mining Experience

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Crypto Hardware Store is a Portugal based store whose goal is to the best cryptocurrency-making machines and devices that will provide a wholesome experience for cryptocurrencies stakeholders all over the world.

Launched in April 2017, Crypto Hardware Store is VAT and SSL verified company that provides a wholesome service that makes cryptocurrency investing pretty easy and in the lines below. We will take you through the different services that make the cryptocurrency experience a lot smoother.

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Innosilicon A4+ Scrypt Asic Miner Confirmed

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There is some news for those of you who have recently preordered Innosilicon A4 Litecoin miners.

According to its official website, the company is about to release a new ASIC – the Innosilicon A4+. The miner is not available for sale directly. Instead, it is offered as an upgrade for those who have already pre-ordered their A4’s.

The upgraded version of the miner apparently features about 10% improvement in power efficiency. The new miner is still on development and will be shipped in November or December of this year.

Innosilicon A4+ Specs and Pricing

Since we are dealing with a prototype here, the final specs of the miner are yet to be confirmed. As for today, in order to preorder the A4+, they ask you to pay 70% of the miner cost upfront.

Innosilicon stated that “The remaining payment will depend on the final spec of the miner before Oct 7th

Announcement for the upcoming Bitcoin Fork

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Since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin has become one of the most influential cryptocurrencies and developed into one of the most reliable public blockchain networks. It’s an important achievement of human civilization, which has great possibility of becoming the infrastructure of the development for other blockchains.

However, with the massive strides of Bitcoin and massive influx of users,  in order for Bitcoin to survive and continue to grow, it’s been proposed to increase the size of current block chain and upgrading software which might lead to Bitcoin split. There has been debate within the Bitcoin community.

Under the circumstances that it’s unknown yet whether we are heading towards a split or not, we decide to make precautions for the upcoming Bitcoin fork on August 1st by:

  • inactivating the bitcoin payment option in the days following the split until things clear up.
  • providing alternatives for payment.

Crypto Hardware Store, as a provider for cryptocurrency mining devices, we will do our best as always to satisfy your needs for devices.